London games- As geography rebranding


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Why does London need re branding


  • low skill and wage economy 
  • low levels of qualifications 
  • highest rates of unemployment in 2007


  • most diverse area in the uk
  • 4`% of population are under 24
  • high proportion of single parents 
  • lack of affordable housing 


  • large number of brownfield sites
  • illegal waste has been dumped in some canals
  • negative issues put off visitors and investors
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Strategies used to rebrand


  • olympic park
  • 1.9 million square feet shopping centre- biggest in europe
  • jobs will be creates
  • upgrading the entire rail network- lasting benifits


  • construction of the games- help address some issues. 
  • vocational training has helped to provide skilled workers
  • low coast housing estate has been built


  • The money boost from olympics used to clean up london
  • recycling
  • teaching about environmental issues of cleaning up 
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  • Greater london Authorities 
  • private buisness sponsorship
  • national lottery 
  • phillathrapists
  • departement of culture 
  • thomas cook 
  • coca cola
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Success of re-branding

  • hoped to be 40,000 new homes 
  • hoped to be 50,000 new jobs 
  • olympic park will remain a big attraction 
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