London Thames Flooding Case Syudy

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London Thames Flooding Case Syudy

To prevent flooding along the thames, The thames barrier has been built to slow down water, most of the time it is open, some of the time it is half closed to slow down the water and to prevent flood

Cause -

  • storm surges from the north sea combine with high spring tides to cause dangerously high tides

Social effects -

  • capital would be moved to Birmingham

Political effects -

  • Houses of parliment would be shut making political decisions very difficult
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London Thames Flooding Case Syudy

Economic Effects -

  • £100 billion of property at risk
  • 69 tube stations at risk
  • Loss of tourist income due to famous / historic landmarks effected

Environmental -

  • Contaminated water supplies
  • would effect habitat along thamems
  • sewage washed into river
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