Logging in the Solomons

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The Soloman Islands - FACTS

The Solomon Islands are a group of about 1000 islands north-east of Austrialia in the Pacific Ocean.

The largest island is the Guadal Canal.

50% of their rainforests have already been destroyed.

The land of the Solomon islands is owned by the community.

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The Isabel Timber Company - FACTS

The Isabel Timber Company are from Malaysia.

The log trees on the island of Isabel in the Solomons.

They buy land from the locals which allows them to fell the trees.

One man they bought from is called Ray Rozzo.

They made environmental agreements and promises with him (eg they will build good roads, health clinics and schools).

However, they broke this promise.

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Effects of Logging (bullet points)

  • Ray's land has been permanently damaged - this is because the timber company used bulldozers and diggers to fell trees quickly.
  • There has been large amounts of soil erosion - the company felled trees by the river which has damaged it. this was not in the agreement.
  • The community has a lack of income - only 2% of the price of the log goes to the community.
  • Lack of facilities - the company did not fulfil their promises to build good roads, clinics and schools.
  • The government won't help Ray - they are being bribed to make decisions in favour of the logging company.
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Effects of Logging (continuous prose)

The Isabel Timber Company buys land off the local people of Isabel island so they can log there. One man they bought land from was Ray Rozzo. They made environmental agreements and promises with him, however, they have broken these and there have been many negative impacts on the environment and the community.

Ray's land has been permanently damaged because the company have used bulldozers and diggers to fell trees quickly without any consideration for the damage done to the soil and the habitat. There has also been a lot soil erosion around the river because trees were felled near the river - this was not in Rays agreement because it damages the river and growing potential of the soil. Additionally, there is a lack of income for the community because they only recieve 2% of the price of a log. On top of this, they have a lack of facilities because the Isabel Timber Company have not built the good roads, clinics or schools that they promised. Finally, Ray cannot rid the company of his land because the Solomons Government are being bribed in the logging companys favour because logging accounts for 50% of their foreign earnings.

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