Location of Economic Activity Case Study = Nokia

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Location in the UK overall

Employs 2000 people in the UK at 3 sites, 2 of which are close to Cambrigde and one is in the M4 corridor

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M4 Corridor

  • The M4 corridor stretches from Heathrow airport (major international airport so company directors can be flown in and goods flown out) in the east to Bath and Bristol in the west. The corridor is home to companies in the quartenary industry and have links with universities who provide well-qualified graduates.
  • Few raw materials are used and therefore transport costs are low, making the industries 'footloose'.
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Advantages of the M4

They located here as the UK government was concerned about unemployment in South West Wales and offered grants to MNCs


  • Land on the edge of cities is often cheaper than in the centre. The out of town surroundings and easy access to workers in the suburbs provides an ideal location for building science and business parks.
  • Motorway links and railways also provide access for commuters and for transporting components and products.
  • At Bristol there is a large container port
  • In Cardiff there is another international airport
  • Total population of M4 and M11 corridor is 15 million providing a massive source of potential new staff
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Disadvantages of the M4 Corridor.


  • Workers wanting to live near their place of work increases the demand for housing and puts pressure on green belt land.
  • As demand grows, house prices increase. This means that less skilled and lower paid workers are priced out of the market in desirable areas.
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Near Cambridge so highly skilled researched and development staff can be recuited from first rate universities

Huntingdon near Cambridge is Nokia's head office in the UK

Godmanchester is Nokia's sale and marketing office in the UK

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