Local Resource Conflict - Mercia

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Background Information - Mercia

  • The Mercia site in Dore, Sheffield is a brownfield site.
  • Merica is a site covering 2.48 hectares.
  • It used to have a block of King Ecgbert School built on it.
  • Persimmon homes planned 106 dwellings,but were rejected in 2006.
    • They first suggested building 108 houses but revised it.
  • In 2013, the council proposed a plan for 65 homes.
    • This plan was adjusted to fit  with peoples concerns and opinions.
  • Parties involved :
    • Sheffield City Council
    • Dore Primary School
    • Sheffield Wildlife Trust
    • Local people (living on Furniss Ave.)
    • (Persimmon homes)
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Different Attitudes Of Those Involved - Mercia

Dore Village Society

  • Were worried about parking issues on Furniss Avenue.
  • Also concerned the dwellings would not be built to a high enough standard.
  • Since the new plans by the council, they have been less concerned by the plans.

Sheffield Council

  • They want to produce something that will earn them a lot of money.
  • They also want to build on brownfield sites rather than pushing the green belt further out.

Dore Primary School

  • Thought it would be unsafe for the children to have so many overlooking houses.

Sheffield Wildlife Trust

  • New habitats have formed on the iste since the school was bulldozed.
  • They are worried for the new bat inhabitants.
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How Is It Being Resolved - Mercia

The planning application was refused in 2006 for not being well enough thought out.

  • 160 letters were sent against the original plans.
  • They restricted the number of houses available to build to 23 per hectare.
    • There are 2.48 hectares, which approx. equates to 65 homes in total.
  • They would need to build spped bumps to deal with increased traffic flow.
    • Although the Council say there would be no need for any additional traffic management.
  • The Council have stated that they are going to try to build high quality housing.

They are currently waiting for a contractor to take up the plans and build the 65 homes on the site.

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