Local and National Government

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Medieval (1250-1500)

There wasn't a proper government at this time, only the king ruling over everyone on his own. The only people he listened to were his lords and possible priests since the country was orientated about the Church.

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Early Modern (1500-1750)

Parliment started to get more involved in the decision making of the country but it was still, mostly, done by the monarch.

The parliament didn't make much of a difference for the lower class population. Although, local landowners were taking more responsibility for the people in their area.

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Industrial Revolution (1750-1900)

Working class men could now vote which meant the national government was becoming more aware of the lower classes. Both, local and national governments, were beginning to play a bigger part in normal people's lives.

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Modern (1900-now)

1900: Governments had to do more to meet the needs of the people to keep their support in political votes.

2000: Now women have the vote so more is done for them as well. One of the biggest changes in government policy is free healthcare through the NHS.

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