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body temperture

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energy loss and energy gain from your body need to be balanced to that your body temperture remains constant

the temperture of your body extremities.tends to be cooler than you core body temperture.energy is transferred from the blood to the tissues when it reaches the cooler parts.

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heat stroke is an uncontrolled increase in your body temperturn

increased sweating due to very hot tempertures can lead to dehydration. dehydration stops sweating from occurring which leads to the core body temperture increasing even further.

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hypothermia occurs when your body is exposed to lpow temperture for a long time. your body cant replace heat as fast as it being lost and if untread this can lead to death

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initially you can treat hypothermia bye

raising the core body temperture

insulating te (particularly the armpits head and groins)

drinking warms drink but not alchol

N.B you shouldnt rub or massage the skin this brings blood th the surface causeing even more heat to be lost.

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