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-Mother Any Distance


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Kid- Attitudes, Ideas, Feelings of Speaker

Attitudes, Ideas, Feelings of Speaker in Kid;


-Truimphant; stepping away from Batman and no longer being Second Best

-Anger; Robin feeks angry and bitter that Batman deserted him

-Defiance; but he feels more confident now, he's defiant when he says "turned the corner"


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Kid- Layout and Structure

Layout and Structure;


-A single stanza of 24 lines

-Pentmetres (10 syllables)

-Cliched phrases; used perhasps to boast

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Kid- Language and Poetic Devices

-Language and Poetic Devices;


-Slang, naval slang; "wander leeward"

-Different styles, add humour to poem

-Imagery; shows contrast and emphaise "blue yonder" "ditched"

-Metaphor; "playing ball boy" shows game but also ferrying around for Batman

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Kid- Poet's Meaning/Different Meanings

Poet's Meaning/Different Meanings;

-"Holy roll-me-over-in-the-clover" mocking the stereotypical good Batman in over exaggerated way.

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Abbie Green


beautiful cards, completely gave me a new prospective in life.



ta babes! too cute!

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