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Isabella and Lorenzo cannot be happy together because they are of different social classes this links with...

Madeline and Porphyro because they cannot be together as they have fueding families

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'Theseus' spouse' from 'Isabella; Or, The Pot of Basil' represents abandoned love this links with...

'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' the faery abandons the men she seduces who then fall in love with her

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Lycius' death-

'no pulse, or breath they found'- his death is rushed/not important/no explanation this links with...

'Isabella' and St. Agnes as both ending are rushed

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Lamia is manipulative- 'growing coy' this links with...

'La Belle Dame...' because the faery is manipulative/promiscuous

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Lamia and Isabella both live in their isolated worlds (tragic isolation) and are isolated from the real world.

'Of trumpets- Lycius started- the sounds fled'

Stanza 22- Brothers find out about Isabella and Lorenzo's relationship and plan to kill Lorenzo- bursting into Isabella's and Lorenzo's world and ruining it.

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