'Lines to my Grandfathers' by Tony Harrison

Some brief notes on the poem 'Lines To My Grandfathers' written by Tony Harrison.

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-The narrator is describing his 3 grandfathers.

-It is a relationship between grandfather and grandson.

-He has travelled back to find out about his family.

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-The poem is about the narrator's grandfathers.

-It's from the grandson's perspective.

-The 3 grandfathers are Homer, Harrison & Wilkinson.

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-The poem is written in the present tense.

-It refers to the past when his grandfathers were alive and what they were like/did.

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-The poem is set in Yorkshire which is where the grandfathers lived.

-The poet has described the setting of Yorkshire in the poem.

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-The poem has been written because the poet is interested in the lives of his grandfathers.

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