Limiting factors of photosynthesis

A series of revision cards detailing limitiing factors surrounding photosynthesis

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  • The light independent stage of photosynthesis is effected much more than the light dependent stage
  • Between 0 and 25 degress an increase of 10 degress will see the rate of photosynthesis double
  • Tempererature initiallly stops limiting photosynthesis at tempereratures over 25 degrees
  • At higher tempereratures the following occurs to reduce photosynthesis
    • Enzymes work less effectively
    • Oxygen becomes more effective at competing for the rubisco active site, blocking off carbon dioxide
    • More water is lost through the stomata causing a stress response leading the stomata closing. This means less carbon dioxide can be uptaken.
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Carbon dioxide

  • Higher levels of carbon dioxide can potentially increase the rate of photosynthesis
  • Carbon dioxide is used in the Calvin Cycle
  • It is essential for fixing the enzyme rubisco
  • The atmosphere contains between 0.03%-0.06% of carbon dioxide
  • Growing plants produce carbon dioxide at a higher rate than they release it in respiriation however, mature plants have an equal production:release rate
  • In greenhouses the concentration can drop to around 0.02%- this is counteracted by burning  methane or oil heated fires.
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Light intensity

  • As light intensity increases the rate of photosynthesis increases
  • Light has three main effects on plants that affects photosynthesis
    • Stomata are forced to open so carbon dioxide can enter leaves
      • This is essential for the Calvin Cycle
    • It is trapped by chlorophyll where it excites electrons
    • It splits water molecules to produce protons
      • Essential to the light dependent stage
    • These electrons and protons are used in photophosphorylation which produces ATP
      • ATP is essential for the fixation of carbon dioxide and the change from GP to TP and TP to RuBP
  • Light affects the rate of photosynthesis by acting on the levels of the light dependent and independent stages
  • The overall rate of photosynthesis varies throughout the day as the light intensity increases and decreases
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