Limestone and its Uses

Limestones Uses and Products

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Limestone and its Uses

The Main reason why limestone can be used are;-

  • To Build Buildings
  • Produce Glass, Cement, Concrete and Mortar


It provides Jobs for the People raising Local Economy

New products would continue to develop changing the way we live


Limestone is insoluble to water, However erode to Acid Rain caused by Sulpheric Acid

Limestone Quarries are a Eye-Sore and Produce Sound pollution

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Products of Limestone

Limestone- Calcium Carbonate ( CaCO3)

QuickLime- Calium Oxide ( CaO)

Slaked Lime- Calcium Hyroxide (Ca(OH)2)

CaCO3 + Heat = Quicklime + Co2

Quicklime + Water = Slaked Lime + HEAT

Slaked Lime + More Water = Lime water

  • Lime water ------- IS USED TO SEE HOW MUCH CO2 is in the air
  • Quicklime + Water = Slaked Lime + Heat.
    • There is enough Heat to boil water hence alternate fuel source.

THERMAL DECOMPOSITION- Breaking down of a substance using HEAT.

E.G, CaCO3 + Heat = Quicklime.

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Mortar and Glass


Slaked Lime + Sand + Water = Mortar

  • Used to plaster bricks together
  • Reaction occurs so the Lime reacts with Co2 to make Calcium Carbonate again.


Powdered Limestone + Sand + Sodium Carbonate = Glass

  • Effective
  • Keeps heat in
  • Looks good
  • Transparent
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Concrete and Cement


Cement + Sand + Crushed Rocks + Water = Concrete

  • Strong
  • Good at resisting forces when squashed
  • Reinforced Concrete----When metal bars are used to make it Stronger


Limestone + Clay + Other Minerals = Cement

  • Unlike Mortar it sets underground
  • Made 200 years ago
  • Used all over the world
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