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Uses of Limestone

Building Materials

  • Formed from sedimentary rocks, grey/white colour, insoluble in water, can be used as chippings in road surfacing, limestone is quarried out of the ground.
  • Powdered limestone + Powdered Clay = cement
  • Cement + sand + water +gravel = concrete
  • Limestone + sand + sodium carbonate = glass
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Using Limestone


  • Quarrying makes big holes, destroying habitats
  • Quarrying make lots of noise and dust
  • Quarrying needs to be transported, causing noise and pollution


  • Provides things people want, e.g. houses and roads
  • Chemicals in dyes, paints and medicines come from limestone
  • Limestone neutralises acid rain (and sulfur dioxide, a cause of acid rain)
  • Quarries provide jobs, helping local economy and so local improvements
  • After quarrying, landscaping and restoration is generally required.
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