L'image, Des ados

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les tatouages- tattoos

les piercings- piercings

nombril- navel

la douleur- pain

la peine- the penality

l'oreille- the ear

la langue- the tongue

des marques- brands

pantalon- trousers, jupe- skirt, dress-robe, mateau- coat,

célèbre- famous

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des moyens d'expression-

des objets de consommation-

différents styles de musique-

vêtements et bijoux- clothing and jewellary

colporter- to spread (rumours)

trauquer- to hound

soutenir- to support

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hey, these are great as well as your other resources. But I am not sure if you realise that you are missing three meanings of the french phrases? They are easy to work out though so do not worry too much :)

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