Lifestyle factors

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What is risk?

a measure of the probability that damage to health will occur as a result of a given hazard 

  • the probability a harzardous event will occur 
  • the consequences of the hazardous event
  • risk is measured in percentages
  • many factors contribute to risk 
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Risk factors and Cancer

  • Cancer does not have a single cause, some factors are causal (cannot be changed) and some are lifestyle and can be controlled 

Lifestyle choices: 

  • smoking
  • unhealthy diet 
  • obesity 
  • lack of physical activity
  • increased exposure to sunlight/sunbeds
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Risk factors and CHD

  • there are a number of factors that increase the risk of suffering from coronary heart disease

Lifestyle factors: 

  • smoking
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood cholesterol levels 
  • obesity
  • unhealthy diet 
  • lack of physical activity 
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Reducing the risk

  • giving up smoking/not smoking at all 
  • avoiding becoming overweight 
  • reducing salt intake in diet 
  • reducing cholesterol intake in diet 
  • regular aerobic excersise
  • safe limits of alcohol consumption 
  • increased antioxidants in the diet 
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Data and disease

  • the incidence of disease is the number of cases 
  • a correlation occurs when a change in one of two variables is reflected by a change in the other variable 
  • correlation doesnt mean cause 
  • there is not just one factor that affects disease, there are numerous factors 
  • a correlation shows the link but doesnt nessecarily prove the cause 
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