Life stages.

infancy ~ 0-2

early childhood ~ 3-8

adolescence ~ 9-18

early adulthood ~ 19-45

middle adulthood ~ 46-65

late adulthood ~ 65+

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physical development in infancy;

  • 3months - infants can sit with their head held steady for a few seconds, if supported.
  • 6 months - infants have more strength and muscle control. They can lift their head, sit with support and turn their head to look around. they can pull themselves up when their hands are grasped.
  • 9months - infants can sit unsupported for ten minutes. They are starting to move indipendently by rolling or squirming. They can pull themselves to stand, and can stand holding on to something for a few moments.
  • 12months - infants can get from a laying to a sitting position without help. they can crawl rapidly. they can walk by holding on to furniture and stand alone for a few moments.
  • 15months - infants can get to their feet alone. they can walk and crawl upstairs.
  • 18months - infants can run, walk upstairs and crawl downstairs.
  • 2years - infants can walk downstairs.
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