Life Quality Factors

There are many Factors that can affect peoples lefe. Basic needs (physical) Food, Water etc but also psychological factors.

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Approval               Privacy                                    Psychological Security   

Choice                  Effective Communication          Occupation

Confidentiality       Autonomy                               Dignity

Equitable Treatment                                            Social Contact

Social Support  







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Showing Positive regard eg. Praise or Affection.

Clients in a care environment are more likely to need approval. If they are ill or disabled they may see themselves as useless.

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Having or being given opportunities to make a decision about your future.

Eg. Being offered a choice of what to eat for breakfast.

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Preventing sensitive information about a client being made public unnecessarily

For Example a GP not giving information to a relative about a patient without their permission.

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Equitable Treatment

To recieve treatment that may NOT be the same as others, but is still seen as fair, appropriate and not significantly better or worse.

Remember, Some people have varying needs, they may be treated differently without this being inequitable.

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Social Support

Being with familiar and trusted people who act in a persons own interest.

Typically social support is offered by friends and family, however in a care environment this can be provided by the care workers.

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The presence of stimuli (events or activities) that help to make life interesting or challenging.

If we do not get enough stimulation it is easy to become bored. Lace of stimulation is more likely to happen in a health and social care setting.

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Providint the oppertunity to be undisturbed or unobserved by others in times likely to cause embarrassment.

It can refer to having Personal Space.

Eg. Pulling a curtain around a patient in a ward when carrying out an assessment.

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Effective Communication

Allows people to access information they need.

In a Care situation this allows clients to find out about their treatment and their condition.

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Having Effective controlm over your actions and being free from coercion .

It is easy to confuse Autonomy With Choice.

ONE difference is choice can be an on the spot decision such as where to sit in a room, autonomy is more about a persons long term ability how to shape their lives.

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Psychological Security

Ensuring individuals have no anxiety about any aspect of their life.

Reassurance and effective communicationb can help people feel secure about any decisions in life they may have to deal with.

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Having something to do whether it is paid work, voluntary work or having a hobby or interest.

People who are occupied feel that their existance is worthwhile.

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Being shown respect allows service users respect.

This in turn allows insividuals to increase self esteem.

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Social Contact

this is the opportunity to be with other people. Lack of social contact can lead to depression.

Social contact allows individuals to develop a sense of self as they feel they are able to belong to a group.

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