Life Quality Factors

The 13 Psychological life quality factors.

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Social contact

Having the oppurtunity to be with others.

- = Greg lives on his own, hardly ever goes out and has no telephone.

+ = Greg visits a day care centre to socialise.

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Psychological Security

The absence of fear or anxiety.

- = Meena does not feel safe when she walks home in the dark.

+ = Meena gets her dad to drive her home.

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Having the oppurtunity to be unobserved by others.

- = The toilet stalls in a special school has no doors.

+ = The headmaster gets toilet cubicles.

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Another person showing they value you.

+ = Leah tells her boyfriend he looks great in his new jacket.

- = Leah tells her boyfriend she doesn't like his new jacket.

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Not communicating personal information to others who have no need or right to know it.

- = A new employee starts work at a social services department. Her manager tells other staff that she is divorced.

+ = Her manager keeps the divorce a secret.

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Having more than one options available to you.

+ = Sophie's helper asks her if she wants to stay in bed or get up.

- = Sophie's helper wakes her up.

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Being treated with respect, not being demeaned or made to look foolish.

+ = A care assistant knows that her client doesn't like being called Love or Edith, so she always addresses her as Mrs Jones.

- = A care assistant always calls her Love, even though hshe doesn't like it.

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Having something to do that passes the time.

+ = Alan has a full time job.

- = Alan has broken his leg so is stuck at home.

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Effective Communication

Being kept informed and listened to.

- = A busy GP examines Martha and quickly prescribes some new medicine, without giving her the chance to ask any questions.

+ = After prescribing the medicine, the GP listens to her questions.

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Having something which interests and involves you.

- = Bernadette is bored at work because nothign exciting ever happens.

+ = Bernadette gets a new job that she enjoys.

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Equitable Treatment

Being treated in a way that seems fair, even if not the same as others.

+ = At a Christmas party on a children's ward, all the children are given a lucky bag with sweets and nuts in, except for a child who is allergic to nuts so she has a different bag.

- = The child who is allergic to nuts doesn't get a lucky bag.

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Having the power to decide and influence what happens to you.

- = Idris would prefer not to smoke, but he just cannot give it up.

+ = Idris gets the willpower to give up smoking.

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Social Support

Having another person to share your troubles with, to help, or encourage you.

+ = When Jane went to antenatal classes, her husband went with her.

- = Jane's husband was working so he couldn't make the antenatal classes.

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