Life processes and cells

Simple things I need to know on life processes and cell activity!

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The life processes

M-Movement                                                                        Moving parts of the body

R-Reproduction                                                                   Producing offspring

S-Sensitivity                                                                        Responding and reacting

N-Nutrition                                                                           Getting food to stay alive

E-Excretion                                                                         Getting rid of waste

R-Respiration                                                                      Turning food into energy

G-Growth                                                                           Getting to adult size

These are the seven things needed for something to be living.  If all seven life processes are not there than that thing is dead. 

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Animal and plant cells

There are three diferences between an animal cell and a plant cell.  They both have

  • A nucleus- Controls what the cell does.  In the middle. 
  • A Cytoplasm-Like jelly, where all the chemical reactions happen.  Take up the majority of the cell.
  • A Cell Membrane-The skin around the cell, which controls what goes in and out as well as holding the cell together.

These are the three doferences between the two cells.  Only plant cells have these. 

  • A Cell Wall- Rigid wall, made of cellulose.  It supports the cell outside of the cell membrane. 
  • Vacuole- A large space filled with weak solution of salts and sugars. Its called cell sap.   Normally in the middle.
  • Chloroplasts- In the cytoplasm, containing chlorophyll, whish is used for photosynthesis. 
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