Life of Cowboys

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The weather conditions were really unpredictable, and could prevent them from moving the cattle onwards. However, it soon cleared up quickly.

They have an ongoing conflict between ranch cowboys and homesteaders as they believe that the cowboys are freegrazers and steal businesses.

You could say that they are victims of violence, as they are always getting told to move on and having people trying to steal their cattle.

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Experiences they had

It is all about trust in a team work like that, they have a lot of respect for each other.

Not all of them were white, e.g mexicans.

They had a boring job, watching the cows,cleaning them, brushing them etc.

Isolated, don't like visiting towns.

They are always armed as if they are expecting fights, have to move on to avoid fights.

Respectful to women.

They believe in freedom and revenge.

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Image of cowboys

They are imaged to look strong and masculine.

Paintings, statues and films have been made on them.

Their life is shown as exciting and films distort the truth and make the lives look more exciting and dangerous than they really were.

Fashion has been created from the way they looked.

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Their job was to round up cows.

Their lives were dull compared to images and films.

Jobs like Drag Riders were dirty and unpleasant.

Their work consisted of hard, laboring work.

They weren't all white, like they are pcitured in films and images.

They travelled in wagons with a large group of men, not on their own.

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