Life of a Star

Very basic but hopefull this will help it stick in my (and your) head!

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The Life of a Star

Clouds of dust and Gas --> Pulled by gravity in towards each other --> Friction causes temperature to rise --> Protostar --> Temperatures get so high that nuclear fusion begins - hydrogen fuse to form helium nuclei --> Main Sequence Star --> Hydrogen begins to run out --> Star swells to form a Red Giant

Then three things can happen:

--> Explodes as a Supernova --> leaving a Neutron Star and a cloud of dust/gas that can form a Second Generation Star (if high mass)

--> Explodes as a Supernova --> this can create a Black Hole (if extremely high mass)

--> Contracts to leave a White Dwarf --> Light fades to form a Black Dwarf (if low mass)

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Jasmine Alexander

sometimes less is more :)

francesca murphy

thankyou claire this is fantastic. you are now ruler of the universe


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Leyla Omar

You didn't mention brown dwarves...

Claire Thomas

They are in between White and Black dwarves - and I mean that in purely the star sense...

Aithne M

It doesn't matter about the omitting of brown dwarves - most exam boards don't care about them. This is really concise and useful, thanks :)

K Ward

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simple yet so effective! thank you so much, i am eternally grateful :)


simple yet so effective! thank you so much, i am eternally grateful :)

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