Life in Germany 1918-1945 Important dates

Important dates of events in Germany 1918-1945

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1918 - 1920

1918- November 11th World War 1 Armistice

1919- January 5th-12th Spartacist Uprising

   February Weimar Reoublic established

   June 28th signing of Treaty of Versailles

1920- Kapp Putsch

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1923- January 11th Occupation of the Ruhr

   August 13th Stresemann becomes Chancellor

   November 8th Munich Putsch

   November 23rd Stresemann's goverment collapses

   December German hyperinflation peaks

1924- Dawes plan comes into affect

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1933- January 30th hitler get Chancellorship

   February 27th Reichstag Fire

   March 23rd Enabling act makes Hitler dictator

   April 1st Boycott of Jewish owned businesses and Jewish professions begins

   May Trade unions banned in Germany

   July All political partys (exluding Nazis) were banned

1934- Beginning of the Night of Long Knives

1935 september 15th Nuremberg Laws- Ban of marriage between Jews and non-        Jews and ban jes from German citzenship

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1936- August Berlin Olympics

1938- November 9th-10th Kristallnacht

1939- September 1st invasion of poland marks the begining of WW2

1942- The Nazis begin the 'Final Solution'

1944- July 20th attempted assassination of Hitler by the Stauffenberg plot

1945- April 30th Hitler commits suicide

  May 8th Final surrender of the German army

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