life course analysis

these cards will teach you about life cousre analysis.

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.tamara hareven (1978)

tamara hareven believes that there is flexibility and variation in peoples family lives and in the choices they make.

 also she believes in timing and sequence of events and turning in there lives.   


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clare holdsworth and david morgan (2005)

clare holdsworth and david morgan examine how young people experience leaving home, they examine what it means to be independent or mature and how friends and family influence peoples life choices.  

 this theory focuses  on the meanings people give to lifes events and choices

 haraven favours the use of unstructured, in depth interviews with family members as the best way to uncover peoples choices and relationships.

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main focuses of life course analysis

life course analysis focuses on what family members themselves actually find important , not what socioligists believe to be important.

 it looks at the way families and households chnage the viewpoint of people involved and the meanings they give to their lives.

 this method is more suited to todays families as they have more choice in relationships and families are more diverse.

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