Life Chances

Life Chances

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Unequal Distribution

  • Some sociologists see inequality as inevitable in any competitive, free market society
  • In such societies, economic and social processes are constantly generating inequality
  • In British society, competition creates positions for winners and losers
  • Some people have higher life chances than others because society is organised to give much to some and little to others
  • Other sociologists suggest that whatever the level of resources available, individuals can improve their life chances if they choose to
  • Welfare benefits and free education offer opportunities for all
  • hard work and a sensible lifestyle can turn these opportunities into better life chances
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  • Class can be a source of identity and in the 20th century the lifestyles of different sections of society reflected the underlying inequalities in obvious ways
  • The majority of people cleary saw themselves as belonging to a class
  • For most people, lifestyles in Britain indicate life chances less clearly than in the past
  • Also gender, ethnicity, sexuality and age have become significant sources of identity
  • As a result while people continue to acknowledge that they belong to a class, they do so with less accuracy and certainty
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