Life and Death Christianity



  • It is the legal and delibrate detrustion and removal of the foetus and termination of the pregnancy
  • it is only legal up until 24 weeks
  • two doctors have to agree to an abortion to make it legal
  • FOR: it can be accepted if the prenancy is a result of **** or if the mother is unwell or if the girl is underage
  • AGAINST: it is wrong to kill/end a life, religous belief, not everyone could be consulted(the father), if a girl sleeps around and doesn't use protection she deserves to become preggers!

Roman Catholics

  • "you shall not kill"
  • Don't agree with abortion
  • they believe it is a criminal act, the same as murder
  • the embryo should be defended and cared for
  • it has long term affects not just a one time thing
  • two wrongs don't make a right-e.g. **** and ABORTION

Many Christians believe it should be illegal

"God giveth life and god taketh away life"- life is sacred and only God can decide wether someone should live or die!

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  • It is when someone is helped to die without pain before they would die naturally
  • WHY?
  • No family
  • In pain
  • terminally ill
  • Bullying-e.g. emotional or depression
  • FOR:
  • Suicide is legal why shouldn't euthanasia be
  • People should be allowed to choose when to die
  • it allows them to die with diginity
  • can die with their family around them
  • Families don't want to see their loved ones suffer
  • Animals are not allowed to suffer why should humans
  • It goes against the 10 commandments
  • God makes life and takes it away
  • Some believe that suffering is a way of strengthening
  • "You shall not kill"- some believe it is the same as murder
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Fertility treatment

  • it is a method of helping a woman who cannot have children naturally maybe to have children by medical means-IVF, AID, AIH.
  • IVF:
  • in vitro fertilisation-test tube baby
  • originally to help woman with blocked fallopian tubes
  • AID:
  • artificial insemination by donor
  • sperm from an anonymous donor is placed in the neck of the womb and it then meets with the egg
  • AIH:
  • artificial insemination by husband
  • this is used when there is a medical reason as to why a couple can't concieve
  • The husbands sperm is collected and placed in the womans womb

Roman Catholics-not acceptable

Most other churches accept it as it can bringa lot of joy to a couple

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It is when a person delibratley takes their own life


  • Depression
  • No family
  • Disability
  • Life style-bad choices only way out

"Your body is a templeof the holy spirit"

The Sanctity of life

It is the idea that all life is scared and god given therefore should be saved, craed for and protected

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  • Pill
  • Condom
  • Natural family planning
  • IUD
  • Emergency contraceptive pill
  • Male steritlaisation
  • Female Sterilisation
  • Withdrawel method
  • Cap

The church of England accept all these methods as it is a responsible to prevent pregnancy

The Roman Catholic church doesn't agree with contraception except (see pink)

Many Christians disagree with the morning after pill because they think that it is an early form of abortion.

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