Life After Death

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Muslims and LAD

Why believe in LAD
-Qur'an teaches there is LAD
-Muhammad taught there is LAD
-6 fundamental beliefs- (Allah, Angels, Messengers, Holy Books, Last Day, LAD) so must believe in LAD
- Life is a test from God
-Meaning and purpose

Affects life
-Lead good muslim lives so that can avoid h3ll on the last day
-Shari'ah law-
halal food, dress laws, no gambling, alcohol etc
- 5 pillars of Islam- Ramadan, Hajj, Zakah etc.
-Resurrection- Nothing removed from body after death- 48hrs, no post mortems, no transplant surgery
- Meaning and purpose

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Islam and abortion

Discouraged but ok up to 120 days
-Hadith- gets soul at 120 days
- Shari'ah- mother> child, lesser of 2 evils
-Not human
until 120 days so health of baby and effects on family can be thought of until then

Always wrong
-Qur'an bans abortion
- Qur'an- murder is wrong- life begins at conception
-Soul at conception

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