Life After Death

  • reincarnation-the Hindu view
  • resurrection-the Christian view
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Reincarnation-the Hindu view

Reincarnation vs Resurrection

Reincarnation is the the Hindu view that they sould or "Atman" is born into another body after the person's current body dies.

Resurrection is the Christian view that some people come back to life in their own body.

Hindu's believe in a continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth, (Samsara) Moksha is where the soul breaks free from this cycle and goes to join with Brahman (the main hindu god). For the soul to achieve mosksha it needs to have reached a level of purity. This is achieved by doing good. These deeds that effect your rebirth are karma.

Karma translates to action.

Caste system is a little like upper lower and middle class is today. It defines social status. Varnas are the groups (upper lower middle) Jatis are jobs (better job means your more pure)

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