Life, Spirit, and Christian Freedom For Paul in Gal. 5+6

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  • Paul explains 'justification by faith' in earlier Galatians
  • He now gives them practical lessons that they can live out.
  • Tells them to hold tight to the freedom Jesus gave them.
  • With the freedom, they should live a life that pleases God and is not reckless or sinful.
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Paul's hope for the Galatians

  • Paul compares Christian effort to "a runner in a race" - Fitzmyer
  • He says they made a good start in their lives, but Judaisers have been getting in their way and hat they have been sidetracked from true path.
  • Paul compares Judaisers to yeast in dough: small but overpowering.
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Christian Freedom - The Law

  • Paul's main point is that Christian freedom is liberty from having to secure justification by actions and laws.
  • Through his death Jesus set the Galatians free from having to obey the Jewish Law.
  • However, Paul meant the dietary and circumcision laws - not ethical and moral laws.
  • Paul stresses that liberty "must not be confused with libertinism" - Gurthrie.
  • The Christian freedom that Jesus gives them does not mean they are free to sin - they are free to not sin.
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The Spirit

  • They were to use the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life of loving service to others. 
  • The Holy Spirit would enable them to develope a Christ-like character.
  • Bruce: to "walk by the Spirit" means "let your conduct be directed by the Spirit."
  • Paul says the free spirit and selfishness are "antithetical" and that they can only live one of these ways.
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Sowing to Please the Spirit

  • Paul reminds the Galatians of the gift of the Spirit that God had given them when they had first believed in Jesus.
  • Those who let God's Spirit do the growth work in him "harvests a crop of real, eternal, life."
  • Paul accuses Judaisers of boasting, but Paul only boasts about the cross of Jesus.
  • Circumcision means nothing, all that matters to Paul is a new creation.
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  • Paul explains that those who follow his proclamation on life in the Spirit and Christian freedom will be the "the true Israel of God."
  • Core issue boils down to a simple but profound choice: Christ or the Torah - Hubbard.
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