Life after death quotes

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"It is certain that I am really distinct from my body and can exist without it"

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Miguel de Unamuno

"Nothing appered to me quite as horrible as nothingness itself"

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H.D. Lewis

We can believe in non-bodily life after death if we think of it either as involving expriences like those we have when dreaming

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Bernard Williams

"immortality would be, where conceivable at all, intolerable, and that (other things being equal) death is reasonably regarded as an evil"

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"Williams claims that boredom is an essential feature of immortal life, not merely a contingent affect of living too long"

"The flaw in Williams' poaition lies in the mistaken assertion that a categorical desire, once it subsides, cannot possibly return"

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"Williams' position regarding why immortality is not desirable hinges on the claim that, at some point, we no longer have categorical desires propelling us into the future, and by virtue of this fact, we become bored with life"

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"There is no need for persons to be regarded as necessarily continuous entities"

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"Only by smuggling in an impossible doctrine of intermediate bodiless existence could this be provided"

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"Perhaps it is possible to present a doctrine of instantaneous resurrection in the form that requires the resurrection body to appear only when the pre-mortom body finally ceases to linger"

"we would once again incorporate a time-gap"

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"To be alive as a human person is also to be able to engage in all sorts of activities which would be impossible in the absence of a body"

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"We are talking about the survival of complex entities that owe so much to being bodily that it seems impossible to say that it in the absence of a body, there can really be a human person"

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