Liberals in WW1

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Lloyd George as War Time Leader

  • Asquith had amature style meetings, David brought in a proper cabinet agenda
  • Secretaries were brought in from the civil service
  • Factories told what to produce and prices were controlled
  • Women took men's places in industry
  • Brought in a 5 man war cabinet - met evey day 
  • Food rationing was intensified
  • David had already brought in a minimum wage for farmers used prisoners of war to gather harvest 
  • Food output increased and so did food rationing
  • Minister of National Service was set up to organised conscription
  • Acted more like a president than a PM 
  • Bold improvisation worked and helped win the war
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The Maurice Debate

  • Split between Asquith and Lloyd George worsened in 1918 over the Marice debate
  • Sir Frederick Marice (director of military operations) said that government had deliberatly limited the supply of men to France
  • Asquith spoke against Lloyd George and the debate was seen as a vote of confidence in lloyd george as PM
  • 72 Liberals supported Lloyd George 
  • 98 supported Asquith
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The Coupon Election 1918

  • After the war, an election was needed
  • 1918 - Representation of the people act gave men over 21 and women over 30 the vote
  • Voters increased from 8 million to nearly 22 milion
  • Lloyd George and Bonar Law wanted to keep the coalition gov and issued signed letters of endorsement to those who wished to follow them 
  • Asquith called them 'coupons'


  • Coalition won 526 seats
  • Asquith's Liberals 28
  • Labour 57
  • Sinn Fein (irland) 73

Within 4 years the Liberal Party declined to become the 3rd political party in Britain

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  • War threatened liberty - a fundermental liberal belief
  • Conscription seemed a threat to the individual's freedom - as did censorship
  • Both factors were essential to the war effort but both issues worsened divisions in the party
  • The coalition broke up the 'Progressive Alliance' between Lib Lab and Irish that had exsisted since 1910
  • Spilt between Asquith and Lloyd George weaked the party
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