Liberal Weakness

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Explain why Lloyd George became Prime Minister in

Mistakes of Asquith:

  • The shell scandal
  • Failure to conscript soldiers- indecisive
  • Lloyd George and Conservatives were marginalised by Asquith's coalition

The support of the Conservatives:

  • The plotting/secret talks between Lloyd George and Bonar Law
  • Bonar Law and Lloyd George resign together

Asquith's Resignation:

  • Meant that the role of Prime Minister was now available
  • Challenged Lloyd George to set up his own government
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Explain why Asquith fell from his role as Prime Mi

His own mistakes:

  • The shell shortage
  • Dandenelles failure
  • His indecisiveness over conscription

Lloyd George/Conservative plotting:

  • Undermines Asquith's role as Prime Minister
  • Causes problems within the Liberal party- a split

Lloyd George's Resignation:

  • Asquith did not have enough support
  • Lloyd George resigned to reveal the weaknesses of Asquith's government

Demands of War:

  • Asquith unable to cope with the challenges of war- revealed his weakness as a leader
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