Liberal Theorists + Evaluation

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John Dewey - Democracy and Education(1916)

  • children should learn through experiment and observation as opposed to being fed information by a teacher - 'jug and mug' education
  • would foster initiative and confidence in problem solving, encouraging cooperative change in society
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Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society(1971)

  • compulsary schooling meant many children lacked motivation to learn and became unnecessarily dependant on teachers
  • students should be issued with education vouchers and learn vocational skills by working alongside professionals while exploring non-vocational subjects with interested others
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evaluation of liberal views

  • Dewey's teaching methods were influencial and schools now encourage group problem solving and thinking skills
  • Illich's idea of allowing children to choose what they learn influenced progressive education in 1970's, when children of primary age were allowed to select from a wide range of activities in open plan classroom
  • making schools optional is unlikely to be adopted.
  • m/c parents might be more proactive in seeking an education for their child, further increasing class divide
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