Liberal Democrat Beliefs

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  • Strong laws to protect rights and liberties. 
  • Tolerance enshrined in anti-discrimination laws.
  • Equal rights legislation.
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  • Support for the introduction of a codified, entrenched constitution controlling governmental power and dispersing power.
  • Constitutional reform proposals to modernise, liberalise, democratise and decentralise government and politics. 
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Social justice

  • Taxation policies to redistribute real income from rich to poor with higher taxes for the very rich.
  • Policies in education and employment to widen opportunity and increase social mobility. 
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Liberal law and order position

  • Policies that recognise that crime is largely caused by poor social conditions.
  • Sentencing to take account of the social causes of crime and directed at rehabilitation rather than merely punishment. 
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  • Strong support for the welfare state.
  • Welfare benefits to reduce poverty, support the disadvantaged and promote the value of work.
  • Education seen as the key driver for social justice.
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European Union

  • The European Union is a positive force and should be supported and integration encouraged.
  • The UK should become more integrated in the European Union.
  • The UK should adopt the euro as soon as feasible.
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  • Very ambitious plans for control over climate change.
  • Policies to transfer the UK to renewable energy sources as soon as possible.
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  • Local taxation to be reformed to make it 'fairer'.
  • Strengthening local government in comparison to central government.
  • Improving local democracy.
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