Lexical Semantics - Word Meaning

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Meaning Aspects of Words


Relation of word with the world


Relation of word with other words (word web)


Factual/literal word meaning


Emotional/cultural word meaning

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Book - Example

Reference - ‘thing’ referred to

  • paper object containing text/pictures about a topic, pages

Sense - Relationship with other lexemes

  • magazine
  • page

Denotation - Specific meaning in use

  • good book

Connotation - Emotional/affective impact

  • ‘bookish'
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Sense Relations: meaningful relations between word

Sense Relations: meaningful relations between words

Synonymy - same meaning 
Antonymy - opposite meaning
Meronymy - part-whole relationships
Hyponymy - sub category (kind of-)
Hypernymy - category
Co-ordinates - other member(s) of the same category
Collocation - often occurring with some words but not others

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Meaning Maps in the Mind

Semantic fields:

  • Words that go together in a defined area of meaning

Word association Jenkins (1970)

  • Meaning associations stronger than form associations
  • Tendency to choose the same word class
  • Semantic groupings rather than physical resemblance (for adults)

Strongest types of association:

  • Co-ordination 
  • Collocation (strongest for children)
  • Hypernymy
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