Lex Gabinia

Lex Gabinia- command against the pirates in 67BC

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Lex Gabinia- 67BC

-Gabinius was a tribune.

-Pirates were causing destruction at the port of Rome, looting, plundering, hostaging and they were consistently threatening disruption of the Roman corn trade.

-Proposal- a man of consular rank to be given:

  • 3 year imperium over the entire Mediterranean.
  • Up to 50 miles inland.
  • Authority to nominate legates.
  • Unlimited financial resources from treasury and taxes.
  • 500 ships, 5000 cavalry,120000 troops and 24 praetor/commander standard.

-Only Caesar spoke in favour of this.

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Lex Gabinia- 67BC

- This proposal was highly radical as it was unprecedented powers for one man.

-Pompey was granted the command (despite opposition from the Optimates).

-Pompey defeated pirates in 3 months due to good organisation.

-Pompey didn't put his captives to death but resettled them in areas such as Cilicia and Achaea which were under-populated.

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