lesiure and tourism unit 1

 lesiure industry compents , tourism components,visitor attractions,lesiure facilities,lesiure jobs,tourism jobs,holiday types,functional areas of l&t,aims and objectives,marketing mix,up to date systems,change,health and safety,y people use lesiure facilites,methods of travel,factors influencing travel methods,,uk tousist destinations,impacys of tourism,sustainable tourism and ecotourism

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lesiure compents

  • arts and entertainment- is things that take place outside your home that entetain you e.g thereatre, opera
  • sports and physical recreation-is a spaort that is physical and you have fun doing e.g. playing rugby,cycling
  • countryside recreation-are fun activitys that take place in the countryside or in national parks e.g.horse ridding,canoeing
  • homeased lesiure-is fun things you do at home in your spare time e.g.listening to music,watching tv
  • play and activity based lesiure-is mostly aimed at children.fun activity places e.g.mothier and toddler play group,playsports  
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tourism industries

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