Les grands seigneurs


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Les grands seigneurs

She is a very self confident person at the start of the poem but it changes to become a 'toy' a 'plaything. 

The poet uses fantasy words like 'butresses', 'towers', 'flamingos'. 

She calls men 'my butresses' giving the feeling that she uses these men to hide behind. 

The use of dolphins and seals link to the fantasy effect of words?

transformation from power to powerless.

The change from the use of 'my' to the use of 'I' emphasises the power shift.

Use of medieval words such as 'troubadour' and 'damsel'.

'I was their queen. I sat enthroned before them, out of reach' - never lets anyone close.

Entire poem is a bluff. she is imagining it all.

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