Leisure Provision - Voluntary Sector


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Voluntary Sector

Characteristics: - Owned by members (possibly on trust/charity basis)
                        - Managed by members committees/may employ staff
                        - Financed by members' fees/fundraising/sponsorship

Goals: - Provides for grass roots of sport
           - Tries to increase participation in their sport

Advantages: - Based upon the enthusiasm of individuals, a whole range of activities, at all kinds of levels, is already available
                    - If an opportunity is lacking then people with enthusiasm, can provide it
                    - Exists for the benefit of the people who choose to become involved and support it though their labours or their money costs are kept low
                    - Financial support for the sector from local and national government 

Disadvantages: - Unplanned and relatively uncontrolled
                          - Only be encouraged/supported in organising activities for others
                          - Continuity can't be guaranteed - enthusiast moves away - club collapses
                          - Still be socially exclusive

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