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Health and Safety regulations

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The European Six Pack

Management of Health and Safety at Work

Workplace Regualtions

Manual Handling Operations

Provision and use of work equipment regulations

Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regualtions

Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations

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Management of Health and Safety at work

These regualtions clarify what actions must be taken by employers in order to comply with their duties. They stress the prevention of accidents by means of compulsory risk assessments on the part of employers.

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Workplace Regulations

This specifies which aspects of the workplace and its facilites apply for risk assessment purposes.

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Manual Handling Operations

These regulations deal predominately with the lifting and loading of objects at work. Employees must be trained and use all established systems, use correctly any equipment supplied for lifting or loading and take care that no-one else can be injured by their activities.

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Provision and use of work equipment regualtions

The primary objective of PUWER is to ensure the provision of safe work equipment and its proper use. For example employee is working with mechanical equipment in a theme park will be affected by these regualations.

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Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations

This covers the following types of personal protective clothing found in the leisure industry...

Aprons, gloves, protective footwear, headwear, eyewear, lifejackets.

Training on the use of PPE also needs to be given to all staff.

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Health And Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regul

Badly organised display screen equipment or visual display units and work stations can lead to discomfort and further health problems, disorders and stress. Some common problems include aching hands, arms and necks, temporary eye strain and headaches.

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