Disability Discrimination Act

The Equality Bill

Sex Discrimination Act

Race Relations Act

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Sex Discrimination Act


The Act was put in place to prevent sex discrimination by giving equal rights to both men and women.

It covers employment, education and other areas.

It makes a distinction between direct and indirect discrimination.

direct discrimination is deliberately disadvantaging someone, and in an obvious way. For example, if someone tells another person that they are unattractive, this is direct discrimination.

indirect discrimination is more subtle and often unintentional. An example is printing information in just one language, preventing others from accessing it.

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  • Now extends to transsexuals. This providesequal rights to all.
  • The Act applies to both men and women, although has probably benefited women more due to the discrimination they have received in the past. 
  • In employment, employers have a responsibility to provide staff training to prevent discrimination within the workplace. Employers can now be held responsible for discrimination that occurs amongst employees, even if they are unaware of it.


  • Legislation does not change deeply held attitudes. 
  • Areas not covered include nationality, income tax and social security benefits.
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The Race Relations Act


  • The Act was put in place to prevent racial discrimination by giving equal rights to all races and ethnic groups.
  • Covers employment, education and other areas.
  • There are four types of discrimination covered:

- Direct
- Indirect
- Victimisation
- Harassment 

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  •  was covered in 2001 to cover all public bodies, such as local government, prisons, etc.
  • Applies to all racial and ethnic groups.


  • Racial discrimination can occur in more hidden and indirect   forms, making it difficult to prove.
  • Legislation don't not change attitudes.
  • Those who are unaware of their rights or the legislation may suffer further from discrimination. 
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The Equality Bill


To fight discrimination in its many forms and to help make equality a reality for everyone.


- Banning age discrimination in the provision of goods and services

- make workforce more diverse when recruiting

- allowing women to represent parliament/elected bodies

- allowing tribunals to make a wider reccomandation in discrimination   

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Disability Discrimination Act

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