legislation relating to the use of ICT

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copyright, design and patents act 1998

software licnece types

single-user licence = this allows the user to load this software package onto only one machine.

multi-user licence = a licence can be purchased for installation on several machines and the software can be loaded onto the leisure centre network.

for example, where a 10 multi- user license is purchased the network will be set up to only allow 10 copies of the software to run at one time.

site licence = in this case the software is avaliable to everyone with the network access at the same time. in somecases the site licence can cover laptops and other mobile devices.

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copyright, design and patants act 1998

The copyright, design and patenets act covers a range of technology and computing. progress leisure need to make sure that they comply with the following aspects of this legeslation:

copying images/photographs= Progress Leisure must make sure that they own or have permission from the owner to use all the images and phototgraphs that are displayed on the website and printed material. 

this means that they would need to obtain poermission to include images of their customers or from their equpitment suppliers and manufactureres.

software licenesing = they must ensure that the software they use is fully licensed  and is not a pirated copy. Also, it is not legal for them to make copies of the software.

copying text = they must make sure that they do not copy text from any publiciation pr website and pass if off as their own work.

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