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Mental Health Act 1983

  • People can be institutionalised without consent if seen as a risk (sectioning)
  • Any illness or disorder or disability of the mind (definition)
  • Ensures that people who need protection or treatment are provided with these services
  •  Anorexia, schitzofrenia, major depression and personality disorders are covered by this act
  •  The introduction of community treatment. Eg; home visits and therapies instead of being in a facility.
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Health and Safety and Work Act 1974

  • Use safety equipment

  • Protects those receiving the care

  • Ensure all equipment is safe for use beforehand and conduct regular assessment of risk

  • Report potential hazards – RIDDOR and COSHH (see booklets)

  • Employers ensure all staff are trained properly – e.g. manual handling and food hygiene

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The children Act

* Whenever possible to be cared for within their own families

* Parents should be offered to help

* Statutory services are offered to children in    need and partnerships should be effective

* Should be protected at all times

* Welfare of a child is a paramount consideration – “paramountcy principle”.

* Every child matters

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The human rights Act

* Ensures that each individual can clearly understand basic values and practice

* All public authorities must consider human rights when making decisions that affect the public

* People are able to challenge what they consider to be unlawful/ interference with their human rights before the UK courts

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The equality Act

Equality Act

  • Race, sexuality, religion, disability, gender, marriage/ civil partnership, age, being pregnant

  • Shouldn’t be treated less favourably than others

  • Can challenge them if being treated wrongly – ECHU

  • Covers all kinds of care environment

  • Against direct and indirect discrimination

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Access to personal files/ data protection Act

 Access to personal files act/ data protection Act

  • All patients see record if want to

  • Can have inaccurate data corrected

  • Relates legal basis for info handling (living people)

  • Includes and X- ray, medical notes and scan films etc.

  • Has right to see any info before sent off to employer or insurance company

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Sex discrimination Act

Sex discrimination Act

  • Can’t discriminate on grounds of gender and marriage

  • Applicable in all care settings

  • Applies to men and women of all ages (including children)

  • Exempt in certain situations (sport) when one gender at a disadvantage

  • In England, Wales and Scotland 

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