Legal Fundements


Statement of Constitution

'We the United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote general welfare and our prosperity, to ordain and confirm the Constitution of the United States...'

  • The constitution is the supreem law of the land (must be followed)
  • It sets up govenment and protects the basic rights of Americans: freedom of speech, liberty, saftey, health and religion
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After the War of Independance of Independance the United States now had a 'Federal Govenment' meaning that the country was now run by the people (state/ govenment).

  • It was no longer held by a monarch and the statement of constitution highlights the power the USA now has and how Britiain is still ruled by the monarchy.

Federalism is the system of the govenment dividing power and responsibility of the country between a: Centralised National govenment (US Federal Govenment) and the state govements.

  • This often created tension between the states when dissagrements about an issue would occur

This was the idea of the founding fathers of America- the constitution was drawn up by them and they created a system where power would be divided between the Federal govenment and the individual states

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Introduction to the Constitution

The system was designed to create a series of fair checks and balences- which would prevent any any branch of govenment dominating and being in a position to tyrenise the people in the country

  • The US was proud of its new independance and they didn't want to be dictated again like with how they were powerless over the British empire

The Federal govenment divided into three areas:

The Exclusive

The Legistative

The Judicary

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The Federal Government Constitution

The U.S. Capitol

Legeslative (law making)

Congress: House of Repersentatives and Senate

The White House

Executive: President and Vice President

The Supreem Court

Judicial: Supreem Court

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The Articles

There are 7 articles that make up the structure of the US govenment

 Article 1: The Legislative Branch

The House of Representatives- 435 members who are determined by population

The Senate- 100 members who make the laws and are the most powerful

Artice 2: The Executive Branch

Consists of: US President and Vice President who are elected every 4 years

Responsibilities- make appointments, sign legistations passed by congress, form treaties

Article 3: The Judicial Branch 

Consists of: Supreem Court and Lower Courts/ 9 'Justices' sit in Supreem Court

Responsibilities- Resolves issues between states and interprets constitution

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