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Haitian earthquake

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Details About The Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake


Date: 12th January 2010


Location: Haiti, Caribbean


Magnitude: 7.0

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Causes Of The Earthquake

Cause: A release of built up pressure from the North American Plate moving past the Caribbean Plate in a conservative plate boundary

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Impacts Of The Earthquake

Primary Impacts:

  • Around 200,000-300,000 deaths
  • Buildings and roads were destroyed


Secondary Impacts:

  • Temporary 'tent' houses meant diseases spread easily
  • Mud slides caused many deaths
  • Aftershocks went on for about a month
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Responses To The Earthquake

  • Money donated from many different countries
  • Charities, eg. Action against Huger, sent volunteers and supplies to help
  • Temporary 'tent' houses set up until people's homes rebuilt
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