Learning Theory - Classical Conditioning - Pavlov

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Pavlov Experiment

  • Learning through association
  • Revealed that dogs could be conditioned to salivate to the sound of a bell if the sound was presented at the same time as the food.
  • Dogs learned to associate bell (stimulus) with food (stimulus) - produced salivation response everytime they heard the bell.
  • Able to show how a neutral stimulus (bell) can come to elicit a new learned response (conditioned repsonse) through association
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Pavlov's Experiment - Explanation

MEAT (Unconditioned Stimulus) ------------------------------> SALIVATION (Unconditioned Response)

BELL (Neutral Stimulus) -----------------------------------------> No Salivation

MEAT + BELL ( Unconditioned Stimulus and Conditioned Stimulus) ----------------------------------> Salivation

BELL (Conditioned Stimulus) ------------------------------------> Salivation (Conditioned Response)

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