Lean Production

An overview of Lean Productions methods and their pros and cons!!!!!!

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Lean Production Techniques

  • Productive Efficiency comes as a result of quality at the lowest cost, in which Lean Production Aids
  • They aim to reduce waste and maintain quality

There are 3 Techniques:


  • Follows the philosophy that aims to reduce waste by limiting stock hold
  • Materials are delivered as required and when arrive are put straight into production thus reduce them time for them to be stored, resulting in a reduction of cost due to less wastage also.


  • The introduction has a high initial cost as system need to be revamped to keep up todate and training needs to occur for staff to understand the system
  • Also there could be huge interuptions if during delivery there was any halt in the transport of the goods could cause huge issuses for the business


  • An approach to improving efficiency and performance my making constant but frequent improvements.
  • Its involves high commitment and involvement by all staff as the improvement can come at any stage or level of the business
  • Its also recognises that employees are best placed to make decisions for small-scale imporvements and thus increasing there motivation

3.Time-Based Management

  • Aims to reduce waste
  • Does this by reducing time wasted or unproductive time
  • All staff must be trained and able to perform and must be flexible
  • Effective use of TBM allows for faster marketing of new products, shorter lead times and improved ability to adapt to changes in market


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