League of Nations- Border Disputes 1920's

The border disputes in the 1920's, either a success or failure, under the League of Nations.

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An Overview

Border Disputes

Vilna- 1921

Upper Silesia- 1921

Aaland Islands- 1921


Bulgaria- 1925

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Vilna- 1921 (failure) and Upper Silesia-1921(s


  • The Polish army took control of Vilna
  • Lithuania appealed to the League for help. When the league protested to Poland, they wouldn't withdraw.
  • Britain wouldn't act alone and because France didn't want to upset Poland(possibly ally to germany in the future)- they wouldn't act either.
  • The League did nothing- FAILURE.

Upper Silesia

  • Upper Silesia was an industrial region in both Germany and Poland. They both wanted control.
  • The people voted and the industrial area voted for Germany and the rural area for POland.
  • The League gave these areas to each country and built safeguards to protect against fighting.
  • Arrangements were made for supplies and this was accepted by both countries.
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Aaland Islands- 1921(success) and Bulgaria-1925(su

Aaland Islands

  • Sweden and Finland both wanted control of the Islands.
  • They both appealed to the League and the league decided that Finland should have the islands- accepted by Sweden!
  • This avoided war and was therefore a success


  • Greek troops invaded Bulgaria in 1925 because some Greek soliders had been killed there.
  • Bulgaria appealed to the league and the League condemned Greece.
  • Greece pulled out of Bulgaria AND payed compensation.
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Corfu- 1923 (failure)


  • An Italian ambassador was killed and Mussolini was outraged.
  • He ordered Greece to pay compensation and occupied Corfu---> 15 people were killed and Greece appealed to the League.
  • The League condemned Italy and acted swiftly- they said that Greece should pay compensation to the League which would be payed to Italy if the killers were found.
  • OFFICIALY Mussolini accepted but out of the public eye he changed the league's ruling and Greece payed compensation straight to Italy.
  • Mussolini then withdrew boasting of his triumph!
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