league of nations

the league was trying to keep peace in europe and stop and more wars, rules were put in place, it was bulit up of 42 countries. In the end it faild due to the weakness and failure 

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Powers of the league

the league had set stages on how to solve problems: 

the 1st one was NEGOTIATION

this is were to countries would talk about the problem and comprimise a solution 

Failed because: the country could just ingnore what the league was saying

The 2nd one was: MORAL PRESSURE

this was were the league 'told' the country off and it was seen as a warning. It tried to make the country feel guilty 

Failed because: they could simply ignore what the league was saying 


this is where the league tried to put pressure on the guilty country but asking all countries in the league to stop tading with them 

Failed because: none of the countries stopped trading because the loss of trade would effect there own country itself.

The 4 th one was: MILITARY FORCE

This is where the league would ask the countries to make their armies against the guilty country. 

Failed because: league had no army of its own, therefore only work if league members were willing to use their own armies 

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