Leadership styles

leadership styles

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  • Leader makes decisions without reference to anyone else.


  • High degree of dependency on the leader   
  • Can create de-motivation and alienation of staff.


  • May be valuable in some types of business where decisions need to be made quicklyy and decisively or where working with large amount of unskilled workers 

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  • Encourages decision making from different perspectives.
  • Consultative- process of consultation before decisions are made.
  • Persuasive- leader takes decision and seeks to persuade others that decision correct.
  • Help motivation and involvement of staff
  • Workers feel ownership of the firm and the ideas
  • Improves the sharing of ideas/ experiences within business
  • Delay decision making
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  • 'Let it be'  - leadership responsibilities are shared by all
  • Can be very useful in business where creative ideas are needed
  • Can be highly motivational as people have control over their working life
  • Can make co-ordination and decision making time consuming and lacking overall direction
  • Relies on good team work and interpersonal relations
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  • Leader acts as 'father figure'
  • support staff
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