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autocratic management

What is autocratic management?

  • This is often referred to as an authoritarian leadership style, and it basically means that the people at the top of an organisation make all the decisions and give out very little responsibility down to their subordinates.
  • Communication is minimum,  with no opportunity for feedback to the leader. It can cause much resentment and frustration amongst the workforce and it is not very common in today's business world.
  • An example of this leadership style is Adolf Hitler and his management.

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Democratic management

What is democratic management?

  • This involves managers and leaders taking into account the views of the workforce before implementing any new system.

  • This can lead to increased levels of morale and motivation amongst the workforce, but it can also result in far more time being taken to achieve the results since many people are involved in discussing the decision.

  • An example of this type of leadership is Indra Nooyi. (the chairman and CEO of pepsi) who has endeared herself to her employees.
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Laissez Faire

What is Laissez-Faire leadership?

  • This is where employees are set objectives, and then they have to decide how best to achieve them using the available resources. This method of leadership can result in high levels of enthusiasm for the task in-hand, but it can at times rely too much on the skills of the workforce.
  • An example of this type of management is Warren Buffett. Buffett is known for taking a hands-off approach toward leadership of the many companies he owns, or in which he invests after actively canvassing the industries he favors.
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Paternalistic management

What is paternalistic management?

  • This is fairly autocratic in its approach to dealing with employees, although their social and welfare needs are taken into account when a decision is made that will affect them. The leader is likely to consult the workforce before implementing any decision, but he is unlikely to listen to much of the feedback.
  • An example of this is  Henry Ford. He strives to inspire their followers to redirect their thinking to achieve a certain goal. He can often motivate people to do more than the individual even thought possible. These types of  leaders create a vision and inspire people to follow it.

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